Haruvy began his economics career in 1993 as a research assistant for Professors Yoav Kislev and Eyal Kimhi at the Hebrew University Faculty of Agriculture, where he worked on the economic impact of Continuing Son Law in the Israeli Moshav system.  

In 1994, he entered the PhD program at the University of Texas at Austin with interests in game theory and experimental economics. He earned a PhD is in economics in 1999 from the University of Texas at Austin, under the supervision of Professor Dale O. Stahl, with concentrations in game theory and econometrics, and specialties in behavioral economics and experimental economics.  

In 1999, he joined the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management at Technion. He spent one year at the Technion in Israel where he was trained by Professor Ido Erev on business applications of learning theory. During that time, Haruvy also partnered with Uri Gneezy in pioneering applications of Field Experiments.

In 2000, he joined Harvard Business School. He completed his post-doctoral work at Harvard University under Nobel laureate Alvin Roth, where he worked on applying behavioral economics insights to market design.

He joined the University of Texas at Dallas in 2001, where he was mentored by Frank Bass in applying economics in quantitative marketing models.  

In 2003, he began working on field experiments in auctions and fundraising, where he and Professor Peter Popkowksi Leszczyc ran a platform to design and test new auction formats with real bidders, including auctions with partitioned pricing, bundle pricing, all pay auctions, different donation percentages, different enforcement mechanisms, and auctions with social media components.

White at the University of Texas at Dallas, he was involved in numerous corporate-student engagements, including in works with Texas Instruments, Conagra, Domino's Pizza, and others. 

He joined McGill University in 2020, where he served as the Director of McGill Institute of Marketing Science and Director of McGill Masters of Management in Analytics.

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